Macrobiotics Cookbooks - General

Kushi, Aveline Aveline Kushi’s Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking (ISBN 0-446-38634-0) Warner Books

Kushi, Michio and Kushi, Aveline Macrobiotic Diet (ISBN 0-87040-878-X) Japan Publications

Kushi, Michio Macrobiotic Way (ISBN 0-89529-524-5) Avery Penguin Putnam

Rogers, Sherry A. The Cure Is In The Kitchen (ISBN 0-9618821-3-1) Prestige Publishers

Turner, Kristina The Self-Healing Cookbook (ISBN 0-945668-10-4) Earthtone Press

Macrobiotics and the Family

Kushi, Michio and Kushi, Aveline Macrobiotic Pregnancy and Care of the Newborn (ISBN 0-87040-531-4) Japan Publications

Kushi, Michio and Kushi, Aveline and Esko, Ed and Esko, Wendy Raising Healthy Kids (ISBN 0-89529-578-4)

General Macrobiotic References

Aihara, Cornelia, Aihara, Herman and Ferre, Carl Natural Healing From Head to Toe (ISBN 0-89529-4966-6) Avery Penguin Putnam

Jack, Alex Let Food Be Thy Medicine (ISBN 1-882984-35-8) One Peaceful World Press

Jack, Alex Imagine a World Without Monarch Butterflies: Awakening to the Hazards of Genetically Altered Foods (ISBN 1-88298-439-0) One Peaceful World Press

Kushi, Michio Macrobiotic Home Remedies (ISBN 0-87040-554-3) Japan Publications

Kushi, Michio Your Face Never Lies (ISBN 0-895-29214-9) Avery Penguin Putnam

Mattson, B. International Macrobiotic Directory

Siegel-Maier The Naturally Clean Home (ISBN 1-58017-194-X) Workman Publishing Co.

Dental Health

Hardy, James E. Mercury Free (ISBN 0-96493-011-0) Gabriel Rose Printing

Kennedy, David How to Save Your Teeth (ISBN 0-913-57106-7) Health Action Press

Macrobiotic Diet For Recovery

Kushi, Michio The Cancer Prevention Diet (ISBN 0-31211-245-9) St. Martin’s Press

Kushi, Michio Diet For A Strong Heart (ISBN 0-31200-120-7) St. Martin’s Press

Kushi, Michio Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer (ISBN 0-89529-486-9) Avery Penguin Putnam

Michio Kushi Macrobiotic Path to Total Health

People Who Recovered Using Macrobiotics

Benedict, Dirk Confessions of a Kamakaze Cowboy (ISBN 0-89529-479-6) Avery Penguin Putnam

Dobic, Mina My Beautiful Life (ISBN 1-899171-13-4) Findhorn Press

Fawcett, A. and Smith, C and East West Foundation Cancer Free: 30 Who Triumphed Over Cancer Naturally (AISN 0-87040-794-5) NOTE: OUT OF PRINT

McKenna, Marlene When Hope Never Dies (ISBN 1-57566-509-3) Kensington Publishing

Neusbaum, Elaine Recovery From Cancer (ISBN 0-89529-504-0) Avery Penguin Putnam

Sattilaro, Anthony Recalled By Life (AISN 0-39532-524-2) NOTE: OUT OF PRINT

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Banker, C. The Do-In Video

Stanchic, L. Energize Yourself with Do-In Self Massage

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School Of Healing Arts

Students may sign up for individual classes or the entire series. Each class will cover a different topic. Discover the healing power of food, how food can increase your energy, and how to prepare healthy macrobiotic meals. Class includes theory as well as food preparation, cooking, menu planning, and shopping.

Healing with Whole Foods - The Art of Cooking Grains for Energy

Healing with Whole Foods - Mastering Grains - Your Carbohydrates, Vitamins & Proteins

Healing with Whole Foods - Spring Soups

Healing with Whole Foods - Remedies for Quick Relief - Condiments

Healing with Whole Foods - Beans - Healing with Protein

Healing with Whole Foods - Restoring Energy