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You Must Have “Good Blood Quality” For Best Health

Daily Food >> Blood >> Body Cells >> Tissue >> Organs >> Overall Physical >> Thinking, Emotions, Condition Behavior, Moods

The macrobiotic view is that our blood is the prime source of our health and well-being. Blood quality is created by the food we eat. If you want to change your health, please learn how to change the quality of your blood by understanding which foods lead to healthy blood and which cause weak blood.

Blood is weakened by sugar, too much fuit, fruit juice, honey, soymilk, rice milk, rice syrup, barley malt, maple syrup, “raw” sugar, Sucant, Stevia, Blue-Green Algae, spices, oil and fat, potassium-rich foods (e.g., fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers), preservatives, additives and chemicals from artificial foods.

Long-standing withdrawl and suppression of natural emotional expression also leads to an acid blood condition which weakens blood quality.

According to the macrobiotic health theory, foods which are high in concentrated sugar (natural or artificial) will quickly lead to weak blood quality. This includes overconsumption of fruits and juices, organic or commercial.

Foods which are extremely rich in potassium but low in sodium can also create a weak blood condition. These include tropical fruits, and vegetables such as potato, tomatoes, eggplant, avaocado, beets, and others listed elsewhere in these consultation materials.

Does this mean that these foods should NEVER be eaten? No. It just means that for certain individual conditions, these foods will not provide optimal health or clear healing result. So, it is suggested that they be avoided by individuals with certain health conditions.

Sweet beverages will weaken the blood faster than any other food. Soft drinks, fruit drinks, natural drinks such as honey-sweetened or fruit-sweetened carbonated beverages can quickly weaken blood quality. Soymilk and rice milk quickly make weak blood when used regularly, especially by individuals who are already weak, cold, anemic, fatigued, or experiencing a lack of progress in their healing.


- Tumors and malignancy are promoted by too much protein, fat and sugar which provide a rich source of nourishment to cancer cells as well as benign tumors

- Tumors and malignancy develop from an acid blood condition (caused by too much protein, fat and sugar).

- Warts, moles, calluses are caused by too much protein, especially animal protein

- Infectious conditions such as sore throat, Candida, athlete’s foot, and other infections are the result of an acid blood condition.

- Stiff joints and arthritis are promoted by cholesterol, fats, sugar, fruits and juices, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, spinach, and dairy products.

- Circulation troubles are promoted by fats, sugar, spices, garlic, fruits, juices, natural sugars, dates, beef, chicken, eggs, and milk.


Being unhappy and feeling stuck in one’s life is a major contributing factor to physical and non-physical health problems.

Most unhappiness stems from one of the following four areas:

1. Relationships
2. Work
3. Family (including unresolved childhood emotional traumas)
4. Not doing what you want to do

Macrobiotic food (or any other kind of food) cannot satisy our hunger for happy relationships, enjoyable work, harmonious family life, and doing what we want to do. Macrobiotic food can certainly strengthen us and help us to see clearer, but it alone will not automatically make us happy in the above four areas. To do this, we have to begin a conscious process of self-reflection, and we must take concrete steps to create happiness day by day, in all areas of life. If we do not take steps to make a happier life for ourselves, all the macrobiotic food in the world will not be of much help.

Which, if any, of these five areas apply to you?