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Methods of Cooking and Food Preparation

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Methods of Cooking and Food Preparation

It is preferred that you cook with a gas stove at home (in the event that a person has significant chemical sensitivities, a standard electric or enamel-top electric stove can be used). The electric stoves are not preferred because their burners take longer to come up to temperature, and will retain their heat for a significant amount of time after the burner is turned off. Therefore, delicate cooking is very difficult on an electric stove. Also, when an electric stove is in operation, excessive electromagnetic charges are being generated. For similar reasons, food processors and blenders are seldom used in macrobiotics. Instead, graters and the suribachi provide a more calm energy to the food prepared. Microwaves are to be completely avoided (especially in your home) due to the issues surrounding potential microwave radiation effects, particularly for children, and those with pacemakers. Microwaves have also been known, in some cases, to cause harmful structural modification of the food.

NOTE: In some cases, the above cooking methods may not be recommended for a short period of time.