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Healing Macrobiotic Diet –
Transition and Discharge Phase

When beginning the practice of a diet to recover the health, it is not uncommon to experience some unusual physical and mental symptoms. Some of these may be uncomfortable but are no cause for alarm. Most of these symptoms are helpful signs that the body is responding to recent dietary change by eliminating (discharging) accumulated excess resulting from past eating. These symptoms of discharge and adjustment are part of the natural healing process and signify that our systems are regenerating themselves, dislodging and throwing off the excess that has accumulated over many years of imbalanced diet and lifestyle. The reactions of a normal and safe transition should last no longer than several days on average although a few symptoms may last up to 4 months until our blood quality changes thoroughly.

(Parts adapted from The Book of Macrobiotics, by Michio Kushi with Alex Jack, Japan Publications © 1987) For further information, consult the TRANSITION AND DISCHARGE section.