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What's Wrong With Soft Drinks?


Dairy Products





Caffeine consumption is one of the most prevalent forms of drug abuse in the U.S.. Manufacturers have done such a thorough job of making caffeinated products, particularly coffee and colas, appear harmless, that most people don’t think twice about consuming them in large quantities.

Many people might choose to dismiss this warning as another over reaction to something everyone enjoys. It’s not. Consider the following Caffeine side effects:

- Impairs motor (muscular) functions.
- Weakens the body’s resistance to infection.
- Produces a ‘let down effect’ resulting in fatigue, lethargy and depression.
- Nervousness, irritability, muscle tension, heart palpitations, rapid breathing, shortness of breath and trembling.
- Restless leg syndrome; hyperactivity and insomnia especially in children who consume cocoa or cola drinks.
- Increased alertness. This can be dangerous simply because it is artificial.