Standard Diet and Healing Diet

Foods to Eliminate While On Healing Macrobiotic Diet

Healing Macrobiotic Diet-Transition and Discharge Phase

General Suggestions

Methods of Cooking and Food Preparation

Setting Up Your Macrobiotic Kitchen

You Must Have "Good Blood Quality" For Best Health

Common Mistakes In Beginning Macrobiotic Practise

Condiment Guidelines/ Use of Leftovers and Reheating Foods

Maintaining Macrobiotic Practise While Travelling

Transition and Discharge

What's Wrong With Soft Drinks?


Dairy Products





Excessive intake of fats and cholesterol can clog the arteries, causing strokes and coronary problems. Unsaturated fats are the leading source of free radicals. The toxins are concentrated in the animal’s fat. We inherit these toxins when we eat the animal fat, according to the Marin Clinic of Preventive Medicine and Health Education in Marin, CA.